At the top of a hill

It’s taken several weeks, but I’m finally where I want to be. Those
cheap Kimsufi servers turned out to be a nightmare, after trying to
update them to the latest version of Fedora they became virtually
unusable. They kept doing what they were supposed to be doing, but if
that failed there was no way to rectify any problems.

I needed to find another solution, and that meant digging deeper into my
pockets. I’ve known of a company called Hetzner for a long time, and
knew they did cheap servers. After examining all the affordable
options, I went for one of their server auction offerings and almost
immediately regretted it. The OS options are limited at best, and when
they describe them as ‘minimal’, it basically means you don’t have the
tools in place to install even the most rudimentary system, no yum or
apt-get available so you need to figure out if it’s possible to install
these manually. After two hours I’d ditched the server, and thanks to
Hetzer’s refund policy I knew I wouldn’t have any problems getting a
refund, as it happened, they hadn’t even billed me yet!!

Still without a reliable server, the only option was to go back to my
old friend SoYouStart, an OVH brand (as is Kimsufi), which I’d used
before and was happy with in the past. A short time later I’m in
possession of a new server, and having had one before, I knew exactly
where I was going with it. VMWare VSphere was installed and three VPSs
created which would serve up my blog, email and anything else I could
think of. All was going well, too well!! The final chapter was to
secure my DNS, and that meant using my own DNS servers.

To do this I needed to create and switch to custom nameservers on my
domain registrar’s website. Creating the custom nameservers was easy
enough (apparently), but when I tried to switch my domain over to them
the site said they needed to be created (I had emails to prove they had
been). A support ticket to the registrar gave me no better response
than how to create custom nameservers. A second support ticket finally
got better results in that they asked for the details of the nameservers
I wished to create, and they would create them for me. This they have
done, but I still don’t know if the initial problem I had has been
rectified for others.

Still stuff to do, I don’t know if the self-signed SSL certificates I
created for my mail servers will cause problems in the future, an easy
thing to fix if they do, but at a small cost. In returning to the kind
of setup I have, I’ve learned new ways of doing things which cuts down
on ongoing maintenance, and so leaves me time for me.

4 thoughts on “At the top of a hill

    • It can be fun, seriously!! I didn’t really need some of the headaches I got on my journey though. I think I’m where I want to be now.

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