Why you need a backup plan

Data is everywhere

We all use data, whether we realise it or not, we’re creating data all the time.  That data may be something as simple as a shopping list.  It might be a reading list you’ve compiled from some of your favourite authors.  It could also be something far more important such as a list of prescription drugs you need to take on a scheduled basis.  What if you were to lose that data?  We need a backup plan. Continue reading

Should I be listening to SEO or my own thoughts?

If you’re going to write blogs, as I’ve just started doing, it’s usual to want people to read them.  Somebody not subscribed to your blog might use a search engine to look for the subject you’re writing about.  That’s where search engine optimisation (commonly abbreviated to SEO) can be useful when mastered.  This is the art of making sure that searches for a keyword list your blog on the first page. Continue reading